et cet·er·a
et ˈsedərə/

  1. used at the end of a list to indicate that further, similar items are included.
  2. also, extra, and in addition.
  3. indicating that a list is too tedious or clichéd to give in full.

My love for and obsession with fashion, particularly shoes and accessories, dates back to the 80’s. I have vivid memories of my earliest favorites- a pair of pink caged flats from Payless, denim cowboy boots I had to have after seeing them on my best friend Molly, a turquoise crossbody, a pastel pink patent leather box purse.

Having established this, I realize material things are not the end-all, be-all. Clothes, shoes, bags, and jewelry can be works of art, they can enhance our lives and experiences, and allow for the best kind of self-expression. But these are in addition to, added on to the list of things that I value most- family, friends, humor, health, common human decency and a respect for all people.


I first discovered fashion blogging when I came across Sincerely Jules on Pinterest in 2011. I was blown away, as I had always wanted to take pictures of my daily outfits, even for a personal diary. Seeing that people were not only doing this but also sharing these pictures in a creative way thrilled me. Julie was carrying a Celine luggage tote in many of her pictures, and my high-end designer fashion obsession was born. I was determined to own the bag, and after months of saving and stalking stores (calling to ask if they had it in stock while mumbling the name and laughing about it with my sister because I wasn’t sure how it was pronounced), a coworker got me on a waiting list and finally it was mine. #influenceD.

Once I realized blogging, particularly fashion blogging, was very much a “thing,” I thought it too late to have a part in it. Six years later, with the idea of creating a blog a daily passing thought, the fashion blogging world has grown with a certain fierceness that can be redundant (hence the blog name), all-consuming and frankly, annoying. I often think I’m “over it,” that I have nothing to offer a would-be reader, the last thing the world needs is another wannabe, you name it. However, I personally discover new bloggers daily and garner an immense amount of happiness and inspiration from them all- a stranger on the street, friend with a private Instagram account, a blogger with two million followers. If I’m a cliché of the women I find inspiring, there are worse things.

Unsure of the exact shape this little creative venture will take, hopefully you can find something whether it be a laugh (at or with me), outfit inspiration, or even a push to do something you’ve been putting off for six years.


E. Theresa Condon

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