At First I Was Afrayed



Hi and thanks for stopping by. I’m embarrassed to admit how clever I think I am for coming up with the title of this post. A note about the pictures- with limited light left in the evening we had to come inside and go for an editorial look with bad lighting. Also my head is cut out of some pictures intentionally. I had crazy eyes in a lot of them. Know that the ones you’re seeing are good comparatively, so you can only imagine. Enough about me…

JEANS- These fringe hem jeans first hit the scene about two years ago and I hated them. To me they looked part Muppet, part “help! I’m stuck in the shredder!” I thought they were too trendy even for my taste. But something happened over the past few months- I would see a picture on Pinterest with the shaggy puppet actually looking quite chic, or would see them on my favorite shopping websites for the new season, over and over again. I usually have a decent sense of what trends will stick around, and my bet was not on these babies. There are a few brands who make them (well) but 3×1 Denim, made in NYC, were the first and in my opinion the best. I got these on sale via The OUTNET, link below! I they may be my new go-to….they’re unique, “fun” (even though I cringe when people use that word to describe clothing…but it works!), and versatile.

SHOES- I have had these for a few years and am always happy to put them on. They’re not the MOST comfortable so I don’t wear them for a long day of walking around the city, but for a few hours at a time they’re great. They have such a flattering, beautiful shape and have held up beautifully. There are also Stan Smith’s creeping out of my bag…one of the best shoe purchases I’ve ever made.

TOPS- Everlane, with their “Radical Transparency,” drew me in from their launch circa 2010. This white button-down has been worn many ways and is a reliable ol’ piece. The top layer is something I bought at Forever 21 last summer. Presumably meant to be worn alone, I added 12 years and one layer to make it work for me. When you have the time and patience to shop there it’s amazing what you’ll find. I have some pieces from there that I’ve worn for years.

BAG- Celine was my first designer-bag love, and I eventually traded in (sold one and then bought another, but I always think of it as “trading in” to make myself feel better) the original Mini Luggage Tote in black and purchased this beige Large Tie Tote. I love buying/selling on sites like The RealReal, and have even had success purchasing designer goods on eBay- you just have to be extremely careful and do your research to make sure you are not being scammed. I am always happy to offer my opinion/advice if you are buying something on eBay and are unsure, so please reach out! Also if you would like to sell items I can put you in touch with my contact at The RealReal who is amazing.

NECKLACE- are you sick of it yet? I love it- Cinco.

JEANS on sale…they are a bit lighter than mine * SHOES a lower version in gold here and several options here // Stan Smith* TOPS Everlane and H&M- found ONE here for $15 * BAG pre-loved on super sale here or more options here * NECKLACE * 



7 thoughts on “At First I Was Afrayed

  1. Ok, now I’ve got Gloria Gaynor’s “I will survive” in my head. Your looks are amazing. I am particularly envious of your collection of and taste in shoes.


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