Dorothy, 2017


Wizard of Oz has been one of my favorite movies since I was 3 years old and watched it on repeat for months. These shoes remind me of something Dorothy would wear today, though sequins and glitter shoes have been making a big time comeback since last year and don’t appear to be going anywhere. I love Miu Miu’s take on ballet flats- toughening up the typically delicate shape and feel. Adding a leather jacket (on sale for under $200, link below!) and a pair of go-to jeans makes for an easy, balanced look.

SHOES- I purchased these second-hand from mega-blogger SomethingNavy. I had the original ballet flat style in light pink with leather straps and sold them, so these were my “trade-in”. I love red accessories and these are leading the pack of my shoe favorites lately.

DENIM- While there is nothing quite like “vintage” high-waisted Levi’s (or their newer, shinier, much more expensive cousin RE/DONE denim), the Levi’s Wedgie fit comes pretty close. They have a very high waist and no stretch. Most jeans today are made with quite a bit of stretch, finding it near impossible to find a nice “real” pair. I have this and a lighter wash (in a bigger size…depending on the day one will always fit better than the other) and wear them more than any other pair in my denim “collection” aka my handy plastic container on wheels under my bed.

TOP- I wear this $15 shirt to go running, to bed, to work…you name it. It is so comfortable and has held up for 5 years. As I wrote this I thought “it’s probably time to get a few different colors considering I’ve had this one for years.” I just searched online for this shirt and found (and my mom confirmed) that Target no longer sells it! I believe it’s the Mossimo Tissue tee, 95% cotton 5% spandex. I now see people complain online that they are not sold anymore. I linked the closest I could find material-wise below. #bringbackthetissuetee

JACKET- I love leather jackets- I have an orange one I bought a few years ago and it has become one of the most-loved and worn pieces in my closet. I have a black one that has a hole in the armpit that I have been pretending isn’t there for about a year, so it was time to replace it. I love The Arrival’s Limited version, and have been thinking about it for so long that I almost pulled the trigger last week when I stumbled upon this beauty for a fraction of the price. As someone who usually loves making a statement, I liked that this didn’t have a ton going on in terms of straps, buttons, chains, etc. I also love that the hardware is all matte black- something I haven’t seen on other jackets at this price point.

BAG- This little pouch came with the bigger Celine bag, and is a nice wallet/clutch.

SUNGLASSES- These cartoonish glasses have a retro feel that I love. They’re a statement in both shape and color.

BELT- ugh, this belt. When I started seeing the Gucci logo belts I thought they were so obnoxious. I still think they are, but this little guy is less so than the bigger version and has proven to be really versatile and useful. I’ve never worn belts to actually hold my pants up, probably because 99% of my pants are for my “ideal weight” of which I am about 15 days total out of any 365. That aside, it’s small enough to cinch my super-high-waisted pants and simple enough to go with everything include my too-tight pants.

SHOES * DENIM * TOP, R.I.P., similar here * JACKET 40% off! * BAG * SUNGLASSESBELT



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