Gen Y Pink



Pink- the color of cotton candy and “It’s a Girl!” balloons. I’ve had a complicated relationship with the hue over the years. Growing up I was obsessed with all things pink (especially my pink Power Wheels Barbie Corvette), as a teen I thought I was too old, too cool for it, and as a women’s studies minor in college I completely rejected it. Because societal norms and “the man” dictated that girls wear pink and boys wear blue, I wanted nothing to do with the color. Though some of my views have shifted and are ever-evolving, I didn’t shake my resentment and fear of pink until recently. The truth is, I love pink. With the advent of Millennial Pink I couldn’t deny myself this versatile, gorgeous color anymore. It is universally flattering and so pleasing to the eye. The most rebellious action, I now realize, would have been to embrace the color all along.

SWEATER- I bought this about a month ago anticipating cooler weather, but haven’t had much of a chance to wear it yet. It’s now on major sale, link below. Something about the color and the over-the-top ruffles, which are on-trend for this season, makes it feel like a piece I can wear several ways all season long.

PANTS- I love a good leather pant. The best brands are so expensive so I wait for them to go on sale at the end of the season. I bought these in the spring a couple of years ago and nearly wore them out. I like how they “toughen up” the ruffles and heels…because I still struggle with the girly aspect. Like all worthwhile things in life it’s a work in progress.

SHOES- I’ve been eyeing these beauties since last year but they sold out in this color. I finally found a pair via Poshmark in my size and at a great price to wear for my bridal shower last week.

BAG- Box bags are still in for this season as recently seen on the streets and runways of NYFW. I bought this online from Harrods last year, at a lesser price than in the states and with all duties and taxes included.

SUNGLASSES- These replaced the smaller version I wore for two years, and are my go-to. The bottom is a dark pink.


Have a wonderful week and wear whatever you damn well please.





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