Cold Hands, Warm Heart



Hello friends, readers old and new! I was on hiatus leading up to my wedding last Friday, but am back in the real world and happy to be posting. I plan to do a post entirely dedicated to the wedding “looks” and accessories, so keep an eye out for that in the next month or so!

This is from our “mini moon” this past weekend. We stayed at a beautiful cozy spot called The Mountain Brook in the gorgeous Catskill Mountains. We rented a cabin and basically did nothing for 3 days- it was wonderful.

Sweater- this thick (beware if you’re sensitive to wool as this WILL make you itch) sweater was the only planned piece I had for the weekend. I love the cropped length and oversized sleeves. The style comes in two color patterns but red is my favorite. I rented this from Rent the Runway with my unlimited membership and plan to keep it through the holidays.

Jeans- my favorite “modern” jean, meaning something you can currently buy in stores and not from a vintage or secondhand shop. The Levi’s Wedgie Fit is the closest I’ve found to a real jean: not stretchy, high rise, unforgiving. I have two pairs of Wedgie Fit in different sizes. One will always fit better than the other depending on the day.

Tights- This is definitely a “look”, but can extend the life of your open-toe and strappy heels into fall and winter. The polka-dot pattern on this pair keep it from looking purely functional. My husband (!) Dave said he did not like the look, but we aren’t dressing for guys/significant others anyway, are we?! Expect to see these tights styled different ways all winter.

Shoes- I will be the first to admit the longer something is in my closet the less drawn to it I am. I love NEW, so am always striving to wear what I have instead of looking for the next thing. I love the CPW concept (cost-per-wear- if something is $100 and worn 10x, the CPW is $10.) It has actually worked in talking myself out of buying something that wasn’t practical or in line with my style. If I do fall short and a “big ticket” item still has a high CPW after period of time, I will usually sell it on a site like The RealReal or Poshmark. I purchased these shoes almost two years ago and enjoy wearing them as much now as I did when they were new. They are fresh and trendy yet versatile and have staying power. CPW success!

Sunglasses- I had a slightly smaller version of these in maroon for years before I decided to sell them and get an updated version. In my last post Gen Y Pink I elaborate on my love of the color pink, and these shades have just the right amount of color to make them a perfect neutral everyday pair.

Thanks for reading! Any feedback is welcome and I hope to begin posting more frequently.

Stay warm! xo


* SWEATER for purchase or rental * JEANS * TIGHTS * SHOES slightly different color new, or pre-loved * SUNGLASSES *

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