Sunset in the Garden of Good and Evil







Hope everyone had a nice weekend! I’ve been meaning to post these glitter boots since I got them a few months ago- more on them below!

Blazer- I’ve had this black fringe blazer for years, and it’s one of very few items I actually get dry cleaned. I tend to put something in the dry cleaning bag only to pull it out months later when I want to wear it again. My sister and I used to joke that I had a magic dry cleaning bag because anytime we pulled something out it was like “well that looks perfectly new, why was it in there to begin with?” It was as if the intention alone did the trick!

Shirt- This has become my favorite t-shirt. Made of organic super soft cotton by lingerie label Fleur du Mal, it’s simple and comfortable while being a statement piece.

Jeans- I wear these at least once a week. I like the vintage faded-black wash, the high waist and exposed button fly. Black jeans are a wardrobe staple for me and the foundation of half of my outfits. When buying or renting a top I always think of what I will pair it with that I already own. Black jeans are usually on that list! I searched high and low for a shopping link to these and finally found them for $30!!! STEAL. Link below!

Bag- Vintage, given to me (or lent…can’t remember) by my mom, given to her by our most stylish friend Sharon.

Boots- If you’ve noticed from Instagram stories and posts, I wear these a lot. In the most recent post Cold Hands, Warm Heart, I discuss CPW. Because these cost a shiny, very pretty penny, I promised myself I would wear them all the time. My big shoe splurge of the season was originally the Louboutin “unicorn” boots (new! fun! shiny!), but after careful consideration I returned them and got these instead. I hardly ever wear heels and there are some beautiful ones collecting dust in my closet. I walk a ton during the week and over the years comfort has become more of a priority. Also wearability- even though these are GLITTER and patent leather, they really are more practical than one would think. The low block heel makes them super comfortable, and they are so well made- the glitter does not come off.

Thanks for reading. As always questions and comments welcomed. Have a wonderful short week!


* BLAZER * SHIRT * JEANS * SHOES, available in select stores *

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