Charlie Brown Black Friday

Hope everyone had a beautiful, relaxing Thanksgiving with family and loved ones.

Black Friday comes under a lot of heat (rightfully so in some respects) but it’s the perfect time to get great deals on holiday gifts. I bought a few items for my family that I’m really excited about. My gifting strategy is usually one for you, one (or two 😏) for me.

See below for links to the great deals I got for yours truly 🙂 I didn’t link the gifts since my family makes up 95% of my readership.

Boots: Back by popular demand, this best-seller from J.Crew is so comfortable and warm! They run true to size and come with two sets of laces- red and a beautiful muted orange color. Now 40% off with free shipping, link below!

Sweater: I think this is probably 5-8 years old and from TJ Maxx or the like. I found one second-hand online that I also linked below!

Ring: This is a piece from the J.Crew “demi-fine” line that I’ve been eyeing. While not included in the 40% off sale, I waited in line forever on Wednesday and then my items on hold were mistakenly put back, so they made an exception and honored the discount. Even without I do think it’s worth it. 14K gold-plated, heavy and chic.

Sunglasses: I can never resist a sale on sunglasses, and Macy’s Black Friday sales extend to the normally-excluded Sunglass Hut with 20% off, extra if you use a Macy’s card.

Some other great deals are happening all over the internet- Moda Operandi, The OUTNET, Bloomingdales– and I don’t know what that means for Cyber Monday. We shall see!

Happy shopping! Here’s to being grateful for all we have and are, especially those things (love, health, family, friends!) that can’t be found at a Black Friday sale.


Love and thanks,


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