Wardrobe MVP- under $30!


Happy New Year! With record-low temperatures over the past week I’ve found myself in cozy layers and sweatpants almost every day. One of my absolute favorite pieces of clothing is a turtleneck. It is the most versatile item in my closet. I have a handful, all under $30, which easily transform dresses, tank tops, or this summer off-the-shoulder top into a cold-weather appropriate look.

Turtle:): I am obsessed with the pearl detail on this perfect top. It’s thick but not bulky. It’s become my closet MVP since I bought it a few months ago. Available in multiple colors and well made.

Top: This was a splurge over two years ago and when talking CPW (cost per wear), it has absolutely been worth it. I have worn it with jeans, denim shorts, alone and as seen here over a turtleneck. It has been worn sightseeing in Italy, to a summer barbecue, to work and everywhere in between. It’s also been part of the Caroline Constas collection almost every season since in a different color or pattern. This exact one is now on sale for 65% off- see link below!

Denim: These were a purchase from The RealReal, and again a CPW success story. With the reconstruction of vintage Levi’s you are sure to have a unique pair of beautiful, NON-STRETCH(!) go-to jeans.

Shoes: I have a major soft spot for red shoes. The color of these boots is gorgeous, and they’re comfortable enough to wear all day.

Necklaces: The gold is from one of my favorite jewelry brands, and the silver pyramid was my grandmother’s. I love mixing metals and often wear a few necklaces together for a period of time without taking them off, then I’ll swap one out. Rarely do I not wear any, unless I am wearing earrings and don’t want to look like a (more than usual) clown.

Stay tuned for another post dedicated to the almighty turtleneck. Hope everyone has a wonderful day and their best year yet.

Stay warm!




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